Welcome to the Content Manager for your site.

The editor consists of a left pane where you enter text and select images and a right pane where you see the result. The left pane has input fields for Title, Posting Date, Description, Featured Post toggle, Featured Image widget (more on how "Featured" changes your post below) [ADD DISCUSSION ONCE USAGE IS FINALIZED - Dean]

The site blog page presents large thumbnail-like images and text for each entry you add through this Content Management System (CMS). That page will allow users to view an image and select a post to read. To look the best you will want these excerpts to appear with similar construction. In order to do that you will need to follow these guidelines:

Fill in and use the title and description.

Either the publish date set to the system default that appears when you open the editor or just change the values leaving the format the same. The date/time layout is essential to keeping the posts in order by date of publication.

We recommend using a picture for each blog post. Doing so will dress up your site with a professional look. Adding a picture can be done in two different ways: either through the featured image input widget or through the body editor. Either approach will allow you to select an image from your hard drive and upload the image to the CMS system. Once it is uploaded you need to click on it and use the selected image. This image will remain available for future posts.

The feature image and body image features are used for different purposes. The featured image is presented ...[ADD USAGE DISCUSSION ONCE THAT IS FINALIZED - Dean] The body image feature allows the image to be added within the text of the blog post itself.

Adding Using the feature image widget works much as you'd expect. Don't forget to select the image after it is uploaded.

Adding an embedded image takes a few more steps. Place the curstor where you want to add the image. Then, in the banner panel, change the toggle from "Markdown" to "Rich Text". This will enable the plus symbol (+) just to the left of the words "Rich Text". Click through this and a popup will appear allowing you to select the image you want to embed. Add the image along with an alternative text and title for the image. Change to toggle back to "Markdown". The image will appear in the right pane of this document and a code will appear in the editor on the left side.

The code will look something like this

![code staff logo](/assets/logo.png "Code Staff")

If you create this in the wrong place, you can just cut and paste it where you want it.

Q. What are those two buttons on the right side of the right pane? A. Clicking the eye toggles the right pane off and on. You may find it easier to type without the distraction of the right pane. The up and down arrows sync the scroll bars so if you're writing something longer the right pane will always show the area you're working on in the left pane.

If you have any questions, pleas contact your Code Staff service provider.

Thank you,

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